Lick 'Em Stick 'Em Deer Attractant - 4 Pack

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4 Pack of Deer and Wildlife Attractant

All natural Ingredients

All Natural Ingredients. Crude Fiber, Fats, Protein, Sodium, Grain, Bi Products, Artificial Flavors and Scents.

Please Check Your Local Game Laws Before Using This Product.

This Product is an attractant to bring animals in and keep them coming back!


How to Apply ( Lick 'Em Stick 'Em works straight out the bag): 

  1. Sprinkle Lick 'Em Stick 'Em all over the ground, it's better to spread the product all over the ground, then pile it in one spot.
  2. Mix 1 bag of Lick 'Em Stick 'Em with 50 lbs of corn
  3. Dig a small hole about 3 x 3 and 4 inches deep
  4. Pour Lick 'Em Stick 'Em in hole with Corn