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Lick ‘Em Stick ‘Em - Best Deer Feed Attractant!

Get Those Animals Right Back at Ya with Our Deer Attractant

Lick ‘Em Stick ‘Em is the finest quality deer attractant powder formula that guarantees to entice animals and keep them coming for more. Our feed attractant has proved to be a game-changer for wildlife lovers and hunters as it brings in big bucks right to you. The natural scent and flavor that is packed in our feed attractant’s secret recipe is a combination of unique nutrients and minerals, which taste good and aid in digestion and ensures the overall well-being of the animals.

Our Testimonials

"Great quality product amazing customer service couldn’t ask for better in my opinion!"

McKenzie Turner

Our Testimonials

"Great company owned by a proud & hard working American man! American made product! Support your local businesses not burn them down!!!!"

Laura Woods

Our Testimonials

"Great experience all around. Fast ordering. Fast delivery. Cannot wait to see your product in action. Love the decal. Thanks for the great service"

Mike Fraiser